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Hood Chew Pak Hok - Fuzhou White Crane

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Feeding, Whooping,Flying and Resting Crane are collectively known as Fuzhou White Crane. We belong to the faction of White Crane that the founder,Fang Chi Niang, taught in Fuzhou before splintering to the various White Crane Streams.
Some of our forms are :-
01. San Jin - 3 Advances.
02. MingHe Paik Po Lien - Whooping Crane 8 Continuous Steps.
03. Kerk Chian - Corner Battle.
04. ChongHe Paik Po Lien - Ancestral Crane 8 Continuous Steps.
05. Saik San - 13
06. Nei Siak Paik Shood - Resting Crane 28 Steps.
07. Si Mun - 4th Gate.
08. Chong Kuang - Middle Gate.
09. Hua Paik - Tackling 8
10. Hu Hok San Chiem - Tiger Crane 3 Battles.
11. Nei Saik Si San - 24 Steps Evasion.
12. Pui Hok - Flying Crane
Note : Names of forms are  in Fuzhou dialect.

Resting Crane
Resting Crane 28 Continuous Steps Form

Fa Jin - exploding power
Technique application from Paik Po Lien

Flying Crane
The Late Sifu Sia Mok Tai

SanJin Video - click to watch

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